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Betsy's Bi-monthly Literary Newsletter: 

The Return of Lady Ethereal


Writers Quarterly:  A Literary and Photographic Gazette 
The Chronicles of Lady Ethereal, A Writers Quarterly Gazette.  

       Founder, Editor-in-Chief  2014-2016
The Wind Moves the Porch Swing, A Collection of Women's Wisdom.   NWWW's nf short-story memoir. 
       Executive Director, Editing Team, Lay Out Team Leader, Contributor,
2012-2014, out-of-print   


  • Ingeborg Lodge #26, Bi-monthly cultural column.   Dotre av Norge.  DON national newspaper.  2004-2007

  •  Thelma Lodge #43,  Bi-monthly cultural column.   Dotre av Norge.  DON national newspaper.    2007-2010

  • The Nitty Gritty of Writing.   Arlington Fiction Writers weekly Facebook column.                           2018-2019

Short Stories:

  • Krumkake 911, A Sad but True Tale.  Dotre av Norge.   2008

  • Stairway to Heaven.  National Crisis Pregnancy Center Newsletter.   1998


  • "Poem Echoes Mom's Legacy of Selflessness"   Dear Abby.  National newspaper syndication.  12/18/11

  • "A Few Wishes for Santa--and All of Us, Too!"   "Dear Santa."  The Daily Herald.                          12/25/18  


  • Guest  Commentary,  Seeking a Paradigm Shift, Person by Person.  The Daily Herald.                       8/02/13

  • Opinion Editorial, Lawmakers' Attitudes on Food Stamps are Un-Christian.  The Daily Herald.   4/15/2017

The Daily Herald, Letters to the Editor:          

  • Covid Commentary, Author repeated many falsehoods   8/6/20

  • What Do We Gain with WSU Role?   11/23/11

  • Everett Symphony, Losing Such Talent Diminishes Us All   2/05/10

  • Excellent Journalism Truly Appreciated   4/26/14

  • Tax Breaks, Business Needs to Pay Their Share   2/27/15

  • County Council: No Leadership on Fireworks Danger   7/13/15 

  • County Executive, Allegations Set off Feeding Frenzy   11/23/11 

  • Funding Men's Choir, Respect Should Have No Boundaries   8/02/06


  • The Return of Lady Ethereal...currently running and available

  • Northwest Women Writer's Monthly Regional Newsletter      

  • Daughters of Norway, Ingeborg Lodge #26, Monthly Newsletter

  • Lady E's Weekly Writer's Bulletin Board

  • LLL Ministry Newsletter

  • LLL Daily Prayer Requests

Social Media:

  • Guest article on Linda M. Kurth's blog, Help and Healing for Divorced Christians:  "Misfit."                10/31/18          

Classes Taught:

  • Gardening Series, Marysville Free Methodist Church.   2002-2003

  • Home Schooling, 4th-12th Grade,  Curriculum Development and Instruction.   1993-2002



Betsy's Publications

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