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Reader                     Reviews



"Just a note to tell you how much I enjoyed the latest Return of Lady E.   Your stories are spectacular.  You have a genuine gift for storytelling with humor.   Those photos were pretty darn good, too.  Keep writing and creating!"   M. L., Everett, WA 

"Love your Betsy McCall story.  You are such a beautiful writer!"   P.C., Snohomish, WA

"Wow, the piece about aging is fantastic.  I think it's one of the best so far.  You really got me with the story of seeing your mother at Goodwill!"   C. W., Arlington, WA

"What a great storyteller you are!  It brought chuckles and wonder at the description of your Alaska trip and is so touching to hear of your forty year friendship/marriage.  Such a lucky lady you are."             M.B., Basalt, CO

"Love this, Betsy.  You have an absurd amount of talent!   P.D. Carey, IL

"I REALLY enjoyed this issue (The Return of Lady Ethereal).  You conveyed your summer so well.  I could FEEL your experiences!"   R.E., Los Angeles, CA


"I just finished reading your delightful August edition (The Return of lady Ethereal).  I am smiling from ear to ear feeling that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you spend time with someone who's company you really enjoy.  You had me laughing out loud."   L. M., Soldotna, AK

"Absolutely beautiful as usual."   T. J., Marengo, IL

"I LOVE your writing!  I resonated so much with all of those Seattle memories….I wonder if that first section wouldn’t be a great novel… your voice really pulls the reader through!"    C.S., Sonora, AZ

"I laid in bed this morning and read your Letter to Santa and The Visitors.  I'll reread both.  They were full of such tender reflection and insight.  And calming too.  I just loved your soothing words.  Thank you."             J.W.,  Ft. Meyers, FL

"Your writing is great and your illustrations are unique and fun!"   Dr. A.S., Bozeman, MT

"You have a true gift and when you publish your book I want a first signed edition, seriously.  You have both a voice and a message, this is the gift."   J.W., Reno, NV

"Very interesting article.  I really enjoyed "Confessions of a Marriageaholic." It was very heart warming and gave us a laugh as I shared a few paragraphs with my husband while reading."   R.P., Soldtna, AK

"Wow!  That was a book - and well written.  Beautiful pictures, animal encounters, and indications of a good time by all."   M.A., La Conner, WA

LOVE Lady E's "It's a Typical Day in Dog Patch, USA."  Your way with a story SHINES on every page.  

The addition of the notes in green is brilliant!  Girl, you're gonna go a long, long way, I am SURE of it.  Egad! I remain amazed at your ability to tell a story with grace and humor and panache!                        M.M. Everett, WA

"I love your stuff.  Your writing has a sweetness to it that this world so desperately needs.  And if you haven't heard it enough, this is me shouting it to you.  Your writing has an infectious goodness to it.  Were it required reading for everyone, the world would be a better place!"    Dr. F.V., DVM, Bryant, WA


                                                      Lady E graciously thanks you!

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