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  The Return of Lady Ethereal
 Betsy's Literary Newsletter

         Can you hear the fairie bells ringing in the wind?  Their melodies call to us like a pied piper luring us into the depth of another world… but only if we strain to hear their notes above the whirlwind we have created out of our own lives. 

      We must backtrack to that place, that space, that time when every inch of our being was filled, not with duty and distraction, but with clown-shaped clouds drifting apart, only to gather together once again.  On those days while lying on our backs with the scent of freshly cut grass filling our senses, we experienced the endlessness of time, enjoying the infinity of each moment.  


     I have come to that point in my life when I must spend a good part of each day listening to the fairies, letting them guide me through their miniscule world of wonder, their tiny universe where the miracles of   life transform…the sun reflecting off of a dew drop…the bumblebee humming his love-song to a flower…the jay breaking off branches to  build her nest.  For I know it is here where I will find the secrets, the ones I have been seeking but never found while thrashing around in the cacophony of confusion that mankind creates.

     Please join me for a few minutes of reflection where you will renew your spirit, explore your true calling, and feel the balance of the inner harmony we intrinsically seek.   Then listen.  And you will begin to hear the fairies calling you on the wind!

     If you would like to spend time with Lady Ethereal letting her guide you into her realm, please contact her below.  The on-line editions will appear in your email bi-monthly.  She'll be waiting for you!  


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